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We manage more than 12000 articles every year. Here are some pictures of our products by courtesy of some of our clients.

Sheet Metal Products from our Production Departments

  • Bent Sheet Metal
  • Punched Metal Plate
  • Threaded Sheet Metal
  • Flared Metal Plate
  • Pierced Metal Plate
  • Welded Sheet Metal
  • Metal Plate with Inserts
  • Metal Plate with PEM Fasteners
  • Metal Plate with Storable Inserts
  • Milled Sheet Metal
  • Tubes, Flats and Profiles, with 90° automated cutting.
  • Perforated Plates and Sheet Metal Plates for Containers.
  • Complete Frames for Machines (Movement, Land, Agricultural, Building, Industrial, Various).
  • Technical Metal Plates.
  • Semifinished Products in Sheet Metal Plates, Tubes and Profiles.
  • Industrial Iron Carpentry for Machinery.

A few more articles from our clients from the collaboration with our providers.

  • Laser Cut Sheet Metal
  • Processed Metal Plates with Powder or Liquid Coating
  • Zinc-Coating Hot and Cold of Processed Metal Plates
  • Oxidised Metal Plates
  • Tumbled, Gritted and Cataphorese Coating Laser Cut Metal Plates
  • Sandblasted and Calendered Laser Cut Metal Plates
  • Plasma Cut Sheet Metal Plates
  • Cutting Torch Cut Metal Plates
  • Pantographed Metal Plates
  • Turning

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